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Be sure you're aware of the new rules and regulations the FTC is putting on debt settlement companies.

FTC is Coming Down on Debt Settlement Companies

Debt settlement has acquired a disconcerting reputation over the past decade. Following the economic downturn, debt relief services sprouted like weeds and made unscrupulous promises to consumers. As a result, many people found themselves in dire financial straits with little to no recourse against the companies that misled them into believing things that simply weren’t true. …

college students

Basic Financial Advice for Your College Freshman

From student loans to credit card offers, college students are bombarded with “free” money at every turn. For many students experiencing freedom for the first time, these offers and deals are simply too good to pass up. Unfortunately, many of these “great deals” are traps that lead students down the …


Forming a Plan to Get Out of Debt

We don’t normally plan to bury ourselves in debt. However, this can happen quickly, so forming a plan is the only way to lighten such a heavy burden. Initially, it’s important to understand why you want to clear your debt. This way, you can develop an appropriate plan to meet your goals. Three of …


Financial Advice for Military Families

For generations, men and women have put on the uniform of our nation’s armed forces to protect our freedom and way of life. While noble, Uncle Sam isn’t known for paying well. This is why military families should take proactive steps to keep their finances from steering off course. The following are some …


Now Is the Time to Organize Your Finances

It’s always a good idea to get your finances in order before looking for a new job, saving for a home, or planning to open a business. If you have a history of debt, bad credit and limited financial resources, you’ll need to organize your personal finances before any journey can begin. And the sooner …