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Reasons To Be Thankful

20 Reasons to be Thankful

Friends. No relationship is perfect, and there is always room to deepen and strengthen, but stop being critical for a moment and be thankful for those people that you can share a meal, a laugh, a thought, or a movie with. Nature. Whether like us, you live in the Rocky Mountain …


Family First

The 5 Protective Factors to Strengthen Families In the thick of financial stress, it’s often our natural reaction to isolate ourselves from our community, friends, and worst of all, family. Family dinners and outings often seem too stressful or expensive,taking time to just be together becomes a lot less important than getting …


Learn More, Earn More – Get free education

Seven ways to continue your education (for free) We all know by now that education is an investment in your future. It really does pay to know more about your field: you can act with more confidence, make improvements, and open doors for raises and promotions. Studies also show that continued education can actually make …


7 Ways To Save Money And Bring Joy To The Season

Save money during the holiday season. Waking up on January 1 can be rough, whether or not you drank the night before. The day marks the official end to the holiday season, and all the calories, cash and craziness the previous month has demanded of you has taken its toll. You’re exhausted, 10 pounds …


From Shame to Gain

From Shame to Gain Debt problems are nothing recent. In fact, the historical basis of debt, bankruptcy and debt forgiveness can be found in the Bible. The seven-year forgiveness of debts in Deuteronomy 15 is why Chapter 7 bankruptcy received its name. Despite this, creditors have an economic interest in making people feel guilty about settling a debt. …