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Financial Advice to Forget

Having financial problems can be like having a baby – a lot of people have been through it, and many of them have financial advice to share, whether or not you ask for it. The truth is, while they mean well, most people are not qualified to dole out financial advice, …

Free Gifts

A Holiday FREE Gift Guide Designed for You

We’re all on a budget this year, and the idea of holiday gift giving can sound stressful or – even worse – shameful, due to our lack of funds. Don’t cancel Christmas yet! Gift-giving is a tradition as old as humanity. It’s a way of showing thoughtfulness, love and affection, …


Creative Tricks in Collegiate Penny Pinching

Whether you are the parent of an incoming freshman watching other families adorn their student’s room with expensive electronics and elaborate wall decor; or the student, struggling to resist spending money eating out at expensive restaurants to keep up with your new friends, there are a lot of financial pressures to examine. Fortunately, a college education …


Skipping the Scam

Skipping the Scam Look out for these common scams to avoid being the next victim: The Nigerian Prince Scam This scam is as old as scamming itself. The new twist is the con is done by email instead of snail mail, but the content is the same. A Nigerian prince or official emails you …


Realizing What Type of Investor You Are

In every investor’s life, a day comes when they must decide what level of risk their budget can tolerate. This decision, to a large extent, will ultimately determine what type of investor they are. Here is a quick rundown on what you need to know to understand this rationalization at the …


Budgeting Advice for the Single Crowd

With apologies to G.B. Shaw, it is no secret that youth is wasted on the young. Still, there are amazing opportunities available to those singles in their 20s who pay attention. Here is just a little budgeting advice to help you get started on the road of life with a …