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March Money Madness

March Money Madness

March is here and so is our nation’s favorite college sports event: March Madness! For those of  you who don’t know what this is (where have you been?!), March Madness is the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball single-elimination tournament, played each spring. This year 68 college basketball teams will compete …

Financial Advice

Financial Advice to Forget

Having financial problems can be like having a baby – a lot of people have been through it, and many of them have financial advice to share, whether or not you ask for it. The truth is, while they mean well, most people are not qualified to dole out financial advice, …

Change Your Life

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Debt can be paralyzing. The stress it puts on a person can cause them to think narrowly, to act on impulse, to feel less-than others and become obsessed with what they can’t have. This mindset will destroy your every effort to make a change and improve your situation. It’s time to try a different approach. …

credit card

How to Avoid Unscrupulous Debt Settlement Companies

Not all debt settlement companies are created equal. Because of unscrupulous business practices of some companies within our industry, we strongly recommend our clients do their homework carefully before signing up for any debt settlement plan. After all, your finances are on the line, and you need to be confident that your …

Credit Score

Does Your Credit Report Still Have Old Debt on it?

Everybody makes mistakes in their life – especially financial mistakes. Unfortunately, financial mistakes can end up leaving a poor mark on your credit history, which can sometimes make it more difficult for you to obtain financing. However, your financial mistakes won’t permanently stain your credit history. After a certain amount …

divorce cost

Can Your Divorce Make You Go Broke?

Undoubtedly, a divorce is an emotionally upsetting event. Still, it is important to take a reasoned look at the financial aspects of a divorce or it will be worse for one, the other – or both! – of the parties involved. Here are a few suggestions that will help you …