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October 2015


Creative Tricks in Collegiate Penny Pinching

Whether you are the parent of an incoming freshman watching other families adorn their student’s room with expensive electronics and elaborate wall decor; or the student, struggling to resist spending money eating out at expensive restaurants to keep up with your new friends, there are a lot of financial pressures to examine. Fortunately, a college education …


Skipping the Scam

Skipping the Scam Look out for these common scams to avoid being the next victim: The Nigerian Prince Scam This scam is as old as scamming itself. The new twist is the con is done by email instead of snail mail, but the content is the same. A Nigerian prince or official emails you …


From Shame to Gain

From Shame to Gain Debt problems are nothing recent. In fact, the historical basis of debt, bankruptcy and debt forgiveness can be found in the Bible. The seven-year forgiveness of debts in Deuteronomy 15 is why Chapter 7 bankruptcy received its name. Despite this, creditors have an economic interest in making people feel guilty about settling a debt. …