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February 2015

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How to build savings for a rainy day

Weather forecasting is one of the most difficult professions. You never know precisely what is going to happen, when it’ll drizzle, or when it will pour. The same is true in your personal life; you can never be 100% certain that a downpour isn’t in the forecast tomorrow, next week, …

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Tips on Getting Out of Debt with the IRS

A weak economy, bad luck or financial mistakes leave many people finding themselves with hefty tax bills that they simply can’t pay. Over the past decade the economic woes of the country have hit nearly everyone hard, and if you owe money to the IRS, you’re not alone. If you owe money, …

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Don’t Let Holiday Debt Get You Down

Many people have a little too much eggnog and allow themselves to get a bit too jolly with their holiday shopping. Like awkward moments beneath the mistletoe at holiday parties, it’s a common occurrence. Now it’s January and the holiday hangover has set in as the credit card bills come due. If you’re among the millions …

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Questions You Should Ask a Debt Relief Counselor

Debt can strike at any time, and for any number of reasons. When it does, it often leaves people bewildered and confused as to how they can start digging out from under their financial obligations. To that end, the following are some questions we strongly recommend you get answers for when you contact …

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Signs that you are in Debt Trouble and Need Help

“Help! I need somebody! Help, not just anybody! Won’t you please, please help me?” It’s a stanza from The Beatles that rings through the ears of many people. That is, until they finally seek the debt counseling services that can help them manage their debts and begin to reestablish the foundation beneath …