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January 2015

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The difficulty of balancing student debt later in life

Earning an education has never been more costly than it is today. As a result, many Americans find themselves struggling with large student loan debt payments. Whether as parents who have co-signed on loans for their children, or as adults who have returned for advanced degrees later in life, it’s …

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Beware of claims from debt relief services

“Easy!” “Fast!” “100% guaranteed!” You should cast a wary eye anytime these words are used to describe debt relief assistance. Often, scam artists and unscrupulous firms use these words to lure victims in and then leave them hanging, holding the bag for their debts and lost saving account balances. Some of the …

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How to avoid overpaying for a new car

When it comes to budgeting and balancing car payments alongside rent, mortgages, medical, and credit card bills, it can be a hurdle keeping your finances in line. This is why car payments are a common concern for those already in debt, but by making sure that you don’t overpay for the brand …

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Planning for college debt? Here are some tips

Not all debt is bad. Some types of debt represent an investment for a brighter, and more financially secure future. Among these types of investments, a college education is one of the most valuable you will ever make. However, as paying for college has become ever more expensive, this life-line to …

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Client of the Month: Jan

The need for debt relief solutions isn’t limited by age or income. Debt can build whether you are on public assistance, or whether you work multiple jobs to make ends meet. That is precisely what happened to Jan, Superior Debt Relief Services December Client of the Month. Jan and her husband have been …