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November 2014


3 Ways to Avoid Filing Bankruptcy

Sometimes debt piles up so high that it may seem the only option available is to file bankruptcy and start over. This is a big step to take that can haunt your credit for years to come. Alternatively, we advise exploring the following three bankruptcy alternatives before contacting your attorney and beginning the bankruptcy process. Negotiate a …


Helpful Ways to Eat Into Principal Debt

Getting out of debt means reducing the principal you owe to creditors. If you’re continually making minimum payments, you’re not reducing your debt, and it’s likely increasing since the minimum payment isn’t covering the interest that’s accruing. While it can take time to reduce the principal you owe, the following tips in conjunction with debt counseling …


Better Manage Your Expenses with these Budgeting Apps

Time is precious and it can take a little bit of time to get your finances in order. Because we can’t create more time, it’s important we use it wisely to avoid falling behind with our fiscal responsibilities. To make this task easier, we recommend using the following budgeting tools and applications to your advantage. Doing so will not …