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October 2014

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Debt 101: Where to Begin When Debt Becomes Unmanagable

Debt is insidious. It starts out as a few dollars here and there, and, like snowflakes, they pile upon your desk until there’s a mountain of bills you can’t shovel away fast enough. As the mountain grows, it can become an overwhelming avalanche that buries you in despair and desperation. When this happens, it …


Follow These Steps to Create a Functional Family Budget

Among the leading causes of financial problems, not knowing how to plan a budget is the easiest to rectify. Without question, learning how to create a budget for your family’s expenses is the first step towards financial stability. The following budgeting tips are recommended to our clients as part of our credit counseling …

Be sure you're aware of the new rules and regulations the FTC is putting on debt settlement companies.

FTC is Coming Down on Debt Settlement Companies

Debt settlement has acquired a disconcerting reputation over the past decade. Following the economic downturn, debt relief services sprouted like weeds and made unscrupulous promises to consumers. As a result, many people found themselves in dire financial straits with little to no recourse against the companies that misled them into believing things that simply weren’t true. …


Read-Up on the FDCPA to Avoid Debt Harrasment

“Is it a reminder phone call or is it debt harassment?” This is a question we often receive at Superior Debt Relief Services because many people are unaware of the laws in place to protect consumers from creditors. Debt collectors know this, so it’s not uncommon for them to straddle the line between reminding …