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Reviews and Testimonials of Super Debt Relief

Hello my name is Adam M, I am a retired Sergeant First Class. I served proudly in the Army for 21 years. I am an average middle class American who got caught up in a financial predicament. I would like to tell anyone out there who will listen how pleased I am with the service I received with Superior Debt Services! I was a skeptic about how it could be done. I am a true believer in the power of this companies’ ability to have helped in my time of need! I was so in debt and needed help to get my finances caught up. I didn’t want to claim bankruptcy for fear what it would do to further damage my credit. I found them online and from the get go they were extremely friendly and helped me from the beginning to the very end! It only took me four years to get out of the jam I had gotten myself into. They stuck with me and even helped me when I requested a few months’ time off because of a family emergency. One of the best scenarios is when companies would call me, all I had to do is give them Superior Debt Services phone number and I never heard from them again! What a great relief! Another was knowing and having a piece of mind that I was someone helping me take care of my mess! I wasn’t alone and it was a great to know that Superior Debt Services was there. On behalf of me and my family, we thank you very much! I would like to personally thank one specialist who treated me will the upmost respect was always there for me. Thank you so much Pricilla Dumbleton! I would greatly recommend Superior Debt Services to anyone in a heartbeat.
Adam M, Texas

When I joined the program four years ago, I was skeptical and scared, but had to start somewhere. SDS had a reasonable solution to my mounting financial problems. Now that I completed the program and am debt-free, it feels like a brown cloud has lifted out of my life, literally. I feel like I have my identity and self-worth back. Thank you, SDS!
Lana L, Colorado

Dear John Wilson & Superior Debt Services,
After falling into credit card debt due to job losses and forced career changes, I became even more devastated when I sold my home in order to pay down my debt only to find my creditors raising my interest rates and not willing to help at all. I had always made all my payments, never late, and felt really betrayed especially after selling my home to pay the creditors. To avoid bankruptcy, I decided to try something else and considered debt settlement. I did my research first and considered all the benefits as well as consequences before I proceeded. Also, there was a considerable amount of negative publicity for debt settlement companies so I was a bit hesitant. I found Superior Debt in my search and contacted them after seeing that they had a great rating with the Better Business Bureau. I am so happy I signed up with Superior! My representative, Dee, was always available, answered my inquires promptly, and often provided me with help when I didn't expect it (for example, she wrote a letter to my bank explaining the program I was in and this helped to get my car refinanced at a much better rate). There were no bad surprises as Superior Debt were true to their word on how the program worked, their fees, and all possibilities related to debt settlement. After 3 years, my debts have been settled without any hassles and I am very pleased. Thank you again!
Dominique D, Arizona

Getting out of debt isn't easy. Staying out of debt is even more difficult, as anyone in these tough economic times can attest to. It's scary and demoralizing, watching the bills pile up with no idea how to dig your way out. Trust me, I know. But there is help! Superior Debt made it possible for me to cut my $10,000 credit card bills in half. In half! And they did it in less than two years. The employees at SDS are professional and understanding, and they are on your side. I have to give a shout out to my personal Member Service Rep., Dee Galla, who made this process almost too easy on me. Thanks Dee, again! So, if you're neck deep in debt and rising, bite the bullet and call SDS. I swear to you, this works.
Lea Ann P, Minnesota

Hello Scott,
Just wanted to say Thank-you so much for turning me to a company that has been so wonderful. My agent has worked to get what is right for us. I could not have done it without you. Going for debt settlement is by far is nerve racking as it is but you made it less frightening for us. My agent Janet has also helped to prepare budgeting. Is always there when I need her. No matter how many times I called whether it be for a new question or asking the same question over. I took a chance when I checked into your web page and you now have been a big part in putting us back on the track to debt free and a happy home. I thank my lucky stars that you were not a scam and referred me to a non scamming company.
Sincerely, Kendra W

Hello, my name is Cindy M, I am a Superior Debt Client that is coming to the end of my relationship with you. I wanted to take the time to tell you about Amy Hill my Superior Debt go to person.
Going through this whole process has been one of the most stressful things I have ever done and Amy has been excellent. She is supportive, understanding and informative. There were many times when I doubted that this was a good choice but was always reassured by Amy that the end result would be what I wanted.
Amy is truly the Superior of your staff. I was handed off to two or three other staff members during my relationship with Superior which was unavoidable, however I ended up with Amy. Amy was without a doubt the most comforting of all. Amy was great with her follow up to any questions I had via email or phone, always checked in with me with a pep talk and guided me through the process with confidence.
I am pleased to be finished and the program and will recommend you company to others telling them to request Amy as their Superior Debt counselor.
Sincerely, Cynthia M

I just wanted to say thank you very much for all the work you put in yesterday on my account. It is very much appreciated and I am glad I chose your company to help me get out of debt. You have been very professional and most helpful. I would recomend your company to anyone who needs it, as for me I have learned my lesson about being in debt and all the pain it can cause soon I will be debt free and I plan on staying that way. Thanks again to all who worked on this yesterday . My goal is to be debt free and I can see an end coming real soon thanks to all of you.
Sincerely, Michelle

My wife & I were in credit card debt in the amount in excess of $40,000. We had a bad experience with another debt solution company a few years earlier so we were hesitant to get into another one. My son had had gone thru a debt solution with a lawyer located in Colorado. We contacted him to see if he would handle our situation. We had 22 accounts that totaled our amount. He said that he thought that the accounts would not wait as long as it would take to settle them so he advised us that bankruptcy would be our only option. My wife and I were in our 60's and to us this was not an option. I came across Superior Debt's website and realized that they were located in the same state that he was. I called him and asked him to check Superior out. He did and said that they checked out fine. We contacted them and after much discussion back & forth finally decided to let them handle our situation. It has now been 2-1/2 years and we are happy to say the Superior debt has made us DEBT FREE. They did everything they said they would and settled most of our accounts at 35%-45% of each debt. We highly recommend Superior Debt to anyone seeking to become debt free.
Sincerely, R&J from Wisconsin

Thank you so much. It has been a pleasure to work with you also. You are a credit to your profession. I found your company on the internet. 3 am in the morning and something clicked and I took a chance. If I hear anyone talk about needing help you will surely get my fond endorsement. You will never know how much Dean and I appreciate your kindness, honesty, and that you never passed judgment on us.
Sheri S, Indiana

Thank you again for all of your help through this rough patch in my life. I was skeptical when I first began this program, but you and Superior Debt did just as promised. I would have much rather paid in full the money I borrowed, but extenuating circumstances gave me little alternative. This program saved my home and my sanity. Except for my mortgage, I have lived without using credit for four years now, have been able to manage my budget, put money into savings, and have started to contribute to my retirement account once again. I am humbled and grateful. My thanks to you once again Marie, and to everyone at Superior Debt.
Sincerely, Kathee M, Georgia

Well, my friend- I finally made it through this with your help! Just wanted to thank you guys once again for for your STELLAR PERFORMANCE!!! You have my permission to use me as a reference (like you probably need one) ANYTIME. Moving forward, I am in the process of saving some $$$ so I can replace my Corvette with a newer used one sometime this summer hopefully. Again- thank you for your professionalism, stick-to-it-ive-ness, helpfulness, and kindness!
Dick M, Florida

I am completely and totally overwhelmed at the progress Superior has helped me make. Considering that in October of 2010, less than two years ago....I was over $50,000 in debt, and now we are down to possibly $16,000 is amazing to me. Which is probably why I am so "anxious" to get the last two behind us. I cannot express enough to you and all the employees at Superior, how grateful I am that I entered into this program, and that your efforts have brought me this far in 21 months. I know that if I just continued to pay these creditors their required amount....after 21 months, I'd still be over $50,000 in debt....and probably more, due to interest.
Ann G, Ohio

To: Marie,
It was so thoughtful of you to remember us. I, also, wish you a very wonderful holiday season and warm wishes for a much better new year. I know that this may sound silly, but I do thank G-d every day that Sal and I were lucky enough to have found your program...it gives me hope that there really is light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you again for being there. Thank you all so much,
Myra and Sal, MD

Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too!! This Christmas season is MUCH better for me than last year, thanks to signing up with Superior Debt. Last year at this time I was just miserable. Matt was so supportive. (Thanks Matt!) Now I have the FIA debt gone and hopefully more to come in 2012!
Cathy S, California

Everyone in the company was very well informed. I appreciate not being on hold for long periods of time. It’s always nice to talk to a human. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with your service. It took a little longer, but that was my fault. Priscilla worked with me through financial and personal crisis and never pressured me. Though the debt wasn’t a good experience, your company was.
James N, Michigan

Dee,>br /> Again i can't thank you enough for all work you have done to help me, i feel like a great burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I never dreamed i would be this far so quick. However lol i hope i never will need your services again, i am comfortable of recommending them to others.
Thank You So Much, Anthony M, Florida

Dear Marie Chamberlain & Superior Debt Services,
I am writing this to tell you and others about the wonderful experience I have had in using your debt settlement program. I was so nervous about even doing a program like this, but my first initial contact, Sheila, put me totally at ease and made me feel it was safe to move forward with the possibility of getting out of debt. I had been through some difficult life issues and did not see that I would ever get myself to a place of financial freedom. I was $63,000 in debt. I was told it would take me 3 years (probably) to get my debts settled. I was willing to do it because I knew there was no other way I could do it. I was scared but also determined. I had money drafted out of my account by Superior Debt, and it was not easy, but I was able to reach my goal of being debt free in 2 ½ years. Superior Debt offered me realistic expectations of getting my debt settled at around 40%. They hustled and worked with my creditors and were able to get several accounts settled at less than 40% thus making my program shorter. My contact person, Marie Chamberlain, has always been my best advocate. She gave me constant verbal updates and e-mails. I have always felt like I could call her anytime with questions and she would quickly respond. She and her team are very caring and professional. I just want others who are skeptical of this type of program to know that Superior Debt is true to its word and really cares about the client. I am finally free of the horrendous baggage I have been carrying with debt and have learned so much about correct spending. I am so thankful to you, Marie, your team, and the support of Superior Debt Services. Thank you for helping me change my life. I hope others will realize you are not a scam business but a business with a true heart to change people’s lives.
Lisa M, Texas

Dear Superior Debt Services,
This program worked very well for us, and kept us from having to go through bankruptcy. From the people answering the phone to our credit counselor we had a great level of communication and support. This was a process lasting several years with constant personal stress and I always felt I had someone in my corner for support. On an individual note you have an extrememly valuable imployee in Priscilla Dumbleton. I cannot express the level of care and understanding she gave during this whole process. I hope this letter will help her to recive the recognition she deserves. Once again thank you for your service!!!
Ed G, Arizona

Dear Marie,
This is your official notice that you are FIRED !!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!! Woo Hoo final payment has cleared my bank. Just kidding. I just wanted to sincerely thank you for helping me work through all of this, you literally saved me. Losing a job and trying to find a way through the forest was one of the hardest things I have ever done, including raising four kids. I could not have done it without your help. Your advice was solid, your help was professional and logical and your hand holding when needed was comforting. Thank you again for it all. PLEASE send me the email contact for your supervisors, I want them to know just how great you were and what a valuable employee they have. While I don't plan on needing your services in the future, I will miss visiting with you from time to time. Best wishes and you will always be in my prayers.
Forever grateful,
Mike D, Missouri

Dear Dee,
Thank you so very much for all your effort and kindness in our time of need. We appreciate everything you did to help us recover not just financially but our sanity in a very difficult time. Your assurance and support took a great burden from my heart after the auto accident and I am forever indebted to you. You are a special lady with a beautiful heart. We are blessed because you have touched our lives. Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Years. May the Lord watch over you and keep you safe in His loving arms. May you be blessed with His love, peace and joy always.
Sandy & Michael H, CO

Hi Matt,
...The ordeal has been made palatable for us because of your compassion and professionalism. Matt, you are a consumate professional and a kind gentleman who probably allows many folks to sleep at night. Although our case is extreme and we had to change direction, we will recommend Superior Debt Services, and, specifically you, to anyone in the same debt boat.
Andrew L

To: Les Brittingham,
Thank you sooo much for all your devoted help with our financial situation. It means so much to both of us to be debt-free. We could never have done it on our own. Also thank you Shawn & Cindy for all your phone-calls pertaining to our debt. Also thank you to Amy & Jane, the receptionists who were so kind on the phone. Thank you all so much,
Joyce G., MN

Dear Janet,
You are a very special person. I've had and homeschooled 5 children, been a State Licensed Day Care Provider, am currently a Texas Certified Activity Director for long term care, and as you know, manage my grandparent's care. I never meet other "givers" Jehovah sent you to me. Psalm 83:18. Bless you and thank you so very much!!

Lisa Dawn L, Texas

Dear SDS,
Informed me of the process and negotiations well. Kept me calm when phone calls from debt collectors called & threatened. Always discussed issues when I called.
Tonya was great!!

Dear Marie Chamberlain,
I don't know how to thank you enough! You have been here for me through all of this and I thank you! You are a true compassionate human being and I hope you know what you mean to us! Thank you so much Marie and to your boss and everyone who has had a hand in this! I will never forget you being here for me through everything including when we lost Emi! I send much love to you!!
Very Sincerely,
Shirley K, Ohio

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you and your team have provided me… You all have made it possible for me to consider retirement in a few years. Without you, I would have been paying minimum payments on these credit cards likely till the day I die. We can feel the burden lifted from us and will never put ourselves in that position again. With all the debt settlement companies out there 70 percent of them are taking advantage of the people that can least afford it and making it hard on the ones like yours that have every intention of helping people. I am so privileged to have had Superior Debt Services in my corner. Your company will be highly recommended by me to any of my acquaintances that my need help in the future. Thank you so much for being there with me through all of this.
God bless you all,
Maynard, Texas

Miguel and the entire staff at Superior Debt,
Words cannot express how pleased I have been with the care and attention you have shown me. I can say I am more than pleased with your work and attention to settling these accounts to get me debt free! Not only did I have Miguel for my representitive the entire 4 years I have been with your program but the other customer service reps have always been very eager to help when I call. I will never be able to thank you all enough for helping me and working with me. I have certainly recommended Superior Debt Services (and Miguel especially) to anyone I know that has been in my situation!! Now I look forward to buying a home in the near future. I have learned so much about how not to rely on credit cards to live! With your program I have been able to live on my paycheck and not on a credit card, I can sleep better at night knowing I don't owe thousasnds of dollars stressing about how I will ever pay it off. Now I budget and live on cash and sleep well again!
Thank you all again,
Libby G, Mississippi

Dee and Staff at Superior,
“Dee eased my mind so many times. Excellent support.”
“I learned to live without any credit cards. I haven’t spent a dime that wasn’t my own money out of my bank account in four years. It is obtainable and not as bad as it may seem to someone using credit. This program was worth every penny and phone call from collectors that I ever took. I will never use a credit card again. I would never have gotten out of my credit card debt without this service.”
Laura T, Washington

Hi Marie,
I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help with this, we could not have done it without you and your staff!!! So again thank you for all your hard work and patience with us for the last 3 almost 4 yrs this is a tremendous relief for us and we just can not thank you enough!!!! Have a wonderful day and thank you!!!
Patti and Randall B

Hi Milt,
Thank you so much for your email, which is very informative. I'm sorry I missed your call tonight. I want to tell you that I explained things you had told me over the phone to my husband and he also feels like I do that you (Superior) are our answer! We haven't even gotten started yet, but for some reason I am feeling so very encouraged and better than I have in a very long time! I just wish we had known about you long before now so that it would be that much closer to our getting out of this horrible debt. But at least you are in our lives now and that is what matters. I am not even going to check around for anyone else because I already have faith that what you have told me is true and your BBB A+ rating helps convince me even more that we are making the right choice with you. Thank you so much, Milt, for being honest and for being willing to help us! And I truly meant it when I told you over the phone that your voice is even comforting to me!
Shirley F.

Dear Supeior Debt
Thank you so much. You don’t know how much I appreciate all you do for me. I will call you and email you if I need to. You’re the best. Please thank your team for doing a wonderful job. I’m really glad that I chose your company to help me get out of debt.
P.S. I will never forget you.
Darcy T

Prior to joining your program I was in despair and felt as though I had nowhere to turn. Joining your program was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Everyone I spoke with from beginning to end was always so kind and let you know that you were a priority to them. Your program changed my life! I have already referred at least one person to your company and I will continue to do so to anyone who is in that type of situation. I would like to personally thank Priscilla Dumbleton for all of her hard work and for always being so supportive and keeping my spirits up. Priscilla is quite an asset to your company! Endless “Thanks” for all you have done for me and I wish each and everyone at Superior Debt very Happy Holidays. Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
Sheri M, North Carolina

"Thanks for everything you and Superior Debt have done for us. You were always so helpful and responded to our phone calls quickly. No questions were left unanswered. You and your company are truly superior in every way. We could not have ever gotten out of debt so quickly and efficiently without you. You were much more than a member service rep, you became a friend. We'll keep in touch."

Hello Adonis-
I just want to pass along how appreciative I am for your patience and professionalism in answering questions and offering guidance. You are always gracious with your time and you do a great job of keeping things in perspective.
Kind Regards,
Bernie F

Dear Jamie,
I want to express my gratitude for the excellent manner in which the staff at Superior Debt Services, Inc walked me through the entire process of establishing my account and helping me on the road to recovery.
My dedicated customer care consultant Carissa, who incidentally is a Certified Debt Arbitrator, was not only a complete professional in the manner in which she handled setting up my account but Carissa came through as someone who really cared, very much listened to me, and addressed my questions and areas I had concern over. I’ve never felt this high level of customer service in the past from anyone.
Before coming on board with Superior Debt Services, Inc, I had opened an account with one of those “consumer counseling services” which for me, never seemed to help me make much headway into the debt. With Superior Debt Services, Inc, I feel I am more in control over how quickly I can be debt free and the money they will save me in the long run is awesome.
In closing I just simply want to express my gratitude to Superior Debt Services, Inc and all they have helped me accomplish. For anyone reading this I can attest that I was not asked to write this letter not was I compensated in any way. I wrote this because of how good I feel in being one of their clients.
Steven P Tennessee

... I also wanted to mention that my experience with you and Superior has been professional and extremely helpful to my efforts to lower my debt. If you ever need a reference as to my experience in working with you, don't hesitate to ask! I know that your industry is fraught with scams. I feel very fortunate to have contacted your firm.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
Sue J, Wisconsin

Dear Jamie,
"The worse thing about this new stage we are taking to mend my credit and finish up my debt payments is I won't hear from you in the future - and I do want you to feel free to forward this on to your superiors. You have been literally my calming voice when I need counseling and information concerning my financial woes. It's been a great year and we came a long way together. I, as well as Linda, can sleep much better knowing you have guided us in the right direction. I think Superior Debt Services is a great service to those concerned about their debts and they are lucky to have you working for them. Thank you Jamie and keep up the great work."
Tom C

I just wanted you to know that, although I have not yet done the credit repair procedure yet, already my credit scores have improved enough that they are not an embarrassment when applying for jobs or for when I will change apartments. My TransUnion went from 672 to 736, Experian from 660 to 760, and Equifax from 663 to 715. I can't believe my good fortune in having found you to do this for me.
Thanks again!!
Fred H, Arizona

"I would like to take a moment and thank everyone for all their help. I began working with your company in November 2003. At that point in time I had already spoken to a lawyer about bankruptcy, which was something I did not want to do. Your company has added peace of mind. One of the things you have done is communicated with my creditors. Everyone has been extremely kind. This sounds funny, but when I am on the phone with you, I feel like I am talking to a friend."
Tracy S.

"I am a satisfied customer. My relationship with Superior is coming to an end due to successfully realizing my goal of becoming debt free as a result of your help and services. All of your promises were met, even exceeded. I had the negotiations department in my corner throughout the process and was impressed with the diligence and follow-through. I knew the minute that we had a debt consolidation session that negotiations had my best interests at heart, and I know they had the other client's best interests at heart as well. They always took my calls, were aggressive in getting me the best settlements and provided sound and valuable advice. My goal in enlisting Superior's help was to end our relationship as quickly as possible. The debt negotiations department and all of Superior shared that goal. How unique in today's business climate that is& te a client. But we have achieved that which we set out to do. Best wishes for your continued success and the debt-free futures of your clients."
Deanna H.

Becca - we haven't talked much since we finished the program a few months ago. I just wanted to tell you something incredible. Because of the huge income/expense ratio we now have since you helped us eliminate all that debt, we were just approved for a new car loan. While we will never get into credit cards again, a new car has been part of the plan since we very first contacted you 3-4 years ago. Best of all, the loan is coming from our credit union at less than 4% APR. Both Lois and I thank you - but especially I do, since you and I were the ones in touch. Not once did you fail to be polite, professional, and answer every one of my incessant questions. You're a good woman, Becca, and I'll never forget all your help and encouragement. Again, thank you from the bottom of our (debt-free) hearts.
Wayne - if you're still with superior - I'm cc-ing you on this because you were the one who encouraged me way back when to dive in and get this over with. And guess what? You were right - it worked!
Rudi and Lois L.

"Thank you for doing such a wonderful job settling my credit card accounts. So, once and for all, I will finally be able to get on with my life debt free. And I can breathe easier knowing that my debt is paid off. Thank you so very much."
Robin S.

"Dear Carissa and Superior staff,
I would like to take the opportunity by way of this letter to personally thank the employees and representatives of “Superior Debt Services” for going above and beyond the call of duty in their successful efforts involved in resolving my outstanding accounts. Words cannot adequately describe how pleased I am with the end result. In reaching this successful result, I both recognize and applaud the professional manner exhibited by the entire “Superior” family. While it is true that everyone I have spoken with in your company has treated me with exemplary customer service, I must single out the efforts of Carissa, Melissa and Janet all of whom were instrumental in shaping my extremely positive perception of your company. I will confidently recommend Superior Debt Services to anyone who has needs similar to mine.
Thank you once again."
Murray A S

"Dear Jamie,
You and Superior Debt have truly been a God send. I hope you and the girls have a great celebration – you deserve it!! My only sadness is our connection – but on my part I would love to keep in contact! God bless you, your family and Superior Debt.”"
Jeanne S

"I wanted to express my thanks to you for the fine job you have done and are continuing to do, on my behalf. The settlements that you have negotiated are exceptional. Those debt settlements, plus the valuable advice you have offered, confirm that I made the right decision in enlisting in your services."
Craig M.

This was from one of our clients to one of our exception customer service representatives:

"You can't believe how this process is slowly chipping away at the stress in my life - and it's all thanks to you. I mean, good for Superior and all, but it's YOU personally, with your great attitude and timely responses to my questions, that is really helping me sleep better at night. I hope that when you get home tonight, tired and beat, that you can remember how much you are helping me and my wife. You're not some corporate drone; you're personally having a direct, positive influence on our day-to-day lives and I hope you'll think of that often."
R.L. California

To Superior Debt Services,
"I would like to thank you so much for helping my family get there lives back on track, I came to your service based on a referral and had the pleasure of working with Theresa who was so kind and caring on the phone even through all my many, many questions. Our family did not know where else to turn, we were in so much debt ($80,000) that it became so overwhelming.
I was diagnosed with Terminal Brain Cancer almost 4 years ago and due to the cost of surgery out of state, additional medical test that our every 2 months, prescriptions that were not all covered by insurance and in order to pay these we turned to credit cards and we just got further and further into debt and before we knew it we were putting other things on credit cards just to try to stay above the water and then we had a big problem on our hands. We started to try to pay more on each creditor but did not seem to really get anywhere and we were more and more stressed and it showed in our daily lives.
We tried to contact our creditors, who we were never ever late on, but they were not willing to work with us, they even raised our rates to 23.9 % and again we were never late not even 1 day and always paid the correct payment. At this point I even considered bankruptcy!! And that I just did not want to have to do.
The one thing that gets me through all of this is my husband of 17 years and our two daughter ages 9 and 13 and the last thing I wanted to leave them with is a ton of debt and worry. So, I went online did some research and found that Superior came highly recommended by lots of other people and even business. From my first phone call with Theresa I was so much happier knowing that our debt can be handled and the creditors will be paid and it will only take 2-3 years not 40 or more, Theresa took such care when speaking with me and told me everything up front, no hidden anything, and again all my questions and E-mails were answered immediately, it was like she was my family and she and the company truly cared about our well being, well I can tell you first hand they do care and they do want to help families out who are caught in this situation, and I can not begin to tell you how wonderful it feels to wake up every morning know it will be ok and we will make it and that I will be able to leave behind no debt for my family and even maybe get ahead and have money for there college one day if god is willing there is a way.
Words can not tell you how grateful and thankful I am for Superior Debt Services and Theresa for giving our family our freedom and security back."
Kimberly G

Hi, this is K D.
"I would appreciate it if you would take this testimonial and post it if it is appropriate. I would encourage everyone with a large debt to start the New Year off with a resolution to get your life in order. And this includes your financial debts. I started with Superior Debt 1 year ago and have been very satisfied with their service. I was a basket case before I talked to them. I am disabled and was living off credit cards and paying month to month bills but that was all I was doing. No extra money to live the rest of the month on. And on top of that, I had another back surgery (#5) this past summer. I knew the possibility was coming up. So frantically, I researched every avenue I could to see if I could get some help. I initially talked with someone for advice at Superior Debt and afterwards we started the process. I have to tell you that the first month I was so nervous. Was I chosing a reputable company? Is this a sham? Am I being taken for? Well, every phone call I made, I was reassured and explanations were given to me about the process and where I was. At no time was anyone condesending but very pleasant and helpful. This is a year later and I have to tell you that I could not have survived this past year without them. They respond to phone calls immediately and reassure you about the continued "collecting company" phone calls and how to deal with them. They have been a life savor to me. I am still working on getting my debt down but I see a light at the end of the tunnel. And I would like to thank Jamie Orth and all the staff who work with her for doing an excellent job and for being supportive and compassionate. "

Dear Les,
"I wanted to thank you for all your time, assistance and aptience. Being in debt is one of the most stressful and embarrassing experiences a person can have. Choosing Superior was the best decision I made. Both you and your predecessors have always provided me excellent customer service. You provided answers to questions I sometimes didn't even know I had! I know we have a little further to go, but I just wanted to take a moment and express my appreciation for all your efforts."
Cheryl N

Dear Pattie,
"My wife and I would like express our gratitude for the excellent manner in which Pattie Benson helped us through the entire process of establishing our account, paying off our bills at a fraction of what we owed, and helping us on the road to recovery and ultimately out of debt!
She was very dedicated and handled all of our concerns and questions in a completely professional manner. We felt as if she were our personal consultant who really cared, listened to all of our concerns, and addressed our questions promptly and effectively.
Before turning to Superior Debt Services, Inc., we found ourselves in a position where the debt was piling up fast and we were having a hard time paying the minimum payments to multiple accounts. Because of Pattie’s and everyone’s hard work at SDS, we are now in a much better position financially and we couldn’t be more grateful.
In closing we just simply want to thank you for all of your hard work and for all of you attentiveness to us throughout this process. We are so thankful for all that Pattie and SDS has done for us!"
Grady and Sarah G

"Superior Debt Services took over for us to remove our large amount of debt. Simply having someone else to intercept the phone calls from aggressive collectors and negotiate exceptional rates to clear up these debts made our lives easier. Priscilla was very pleasant and extremely helpful, Thanks again for such professional work."
Dan and Paula W

Dear Mark Goodman,
I had the pleasure of talking to you. I find you corteous and helpful, and although you were unable to solve my immediate problem you gave me direction in which to follow. Thank you.
Paula F

Dear Milt,
Please feel free to pass this onto others in your company. We have not signed on the dotted line yet, but now have a clear action plan thanks to you.
As you might imagine, I did a fair amount of Internet research and spoke with a few others during this process. Your accessibility and level of attention to my situation has been superb!
Best Regards,

Dear Matt,
Thanks for the information. I do have a couple more questions that I want to ask you and I’ll call you within the next few days about them. After I did a bit more research, I’ve decided I’d be an idiot if I didn’t go with Superior. You guys just have too many positive factors.
Talk to you soon,

We thank you for being a company that actually cares about helping people. You did what you said you would do. You helped us a great deal. Our credit specialist was terrific and very personable. She was very pleasant to work with and always willing to help.
Thanks you so much Priscilla. You can’t imagine how much we appreciate you!
Thank you again!!!
David W

Thank you, Marie!
You were always there, on the other end of the phone or e-mail. responsive, patient (LOL), friendly. Today, that is very hard to find and that is sad to say. One would think with the economy today, the one free, easy thing a company can do - customer service and it is NOT there. I was not a file to you, I was not a number, and you never treated me like some dummy who got herself in this place and I will always appreciate it. Again - hope we never have to "work" together again, but chatting is fun!!! :) !
Pam S, Virginia

I am very happy with the professional ways that Superior helped me. Quick responses to any questions I had, and great advice!!
Both Anna & Lucy were exceptional!!
I learned that even though hard times happen, don’t max out credit cards!! Also give myself a monthly budget – this is what I am working on.
Jackie S.

Thank you for your help through the past year and a half. You have been so understanding and so helpful throughout this process. You are very good at what you do.
I would recommend you and your company to anyone else who finds themselves in dire straits. I have a friend who chose the "wrong" debt settlement company and was sued and harrassed. You and your company did everything you promised to do and made the process much easier to bear.
Thank you again for being there personally to answer questions and provide support.
Isabel P.

I`m sorry that I didn`t take the time to really express my thanks to you today. I was at work, and had customers waiting on me. I can`t possibly put into words how grateful I am for everything that you and Superior Debt have done for me.
During this entire process, I never felt alone. You were always there to calm me down and explain everything patiently whenever I needed it. Even the few times when you were probably busy holding someone else`s hand, someone was there to talk to me. During my biggest meltdown, (the court summons) you emailed me back within minutes to let me know what was happening and actually allowed me to sleep that night.
Cindy was also very nice and professional. You guys put my terrified heart at ease throughout the whole ordeal.
My daughter found herself in similar circumstances, although on a smaller scale around the same time I first contacted Superior Debt. Unfortunately, the company that she went with declared bankrupcy about a year into her contract with them. She spent months calling and getting no answer from them. She ended up settling with her debtors on her own. She told me the other day that she received a check for $5.50 from the legal settlement that had been filed against that company.
Once this is all over with, I would like to get my credit rating out of the basement.
I will tell anyone within hearing distance the wonderful and professional treatment one receives from Superior Debt. And...I`ll leave you with this promise, I will never need your services again.
Thank you so much,
Brenda M.

Regarding a recently settled account:
I can't even tell you how excited this makes me. We have been waiting for years to pay these off so that we can buy a house. We live in a 14 x 70 Mobile Home with 2 kids ages, 5 and 10. We desperately need a bigger home and these cards were standing in our way, not to mention the living paycheck to paycheck that goes along with it. We are finding a new way to live without credit cards, it isn't always easy but it sure is satisfying at the end of the day to know that I haven't added anything to our debt load. We really appreciate everyone who has worked on our accounts and we appreciate you for keeping up in the loop with everything going on!! Thank you guys so much!!!!
Terry and Crystal R.

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