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You Are What You Think

For many of us, daydreaming is a reality we failed to leave when we left elementary school. We dream of life courses that seem far off. For the majority of our clients, this is true in relation to their financial lives. Though they want to be free from financial bondage, they still seem to stumble in the darkness with the same old thoughts and financial habits.

The great news is that just because your past may be characterized by poor financial choices, you aren’t doomed to repeating the same mistakes, and you can create a new future. In essence, you are what you think. If you think you are relegated to merely daydreaming about a better financial life, it may be true. If you refuse to think your way into a never-ending financial rut, you need to understand the way your thought life impacts your financial decisions so that you can make better decisions.


According to speaker and motivational coach Roy Heeley, most people have around 60,000 thoughts a day. And, these thoughts shape our beliefs about ourselves and the world, ultimately influencing our actions.

To gain a grasp of what’s going on in your thoughts concerning money, try keeping a thought journal for a few days. You may be surprised at how many negative, fearful thoughts about money pop up. Or, the opposite may be the case. You may find that you think you’re entitled to whatever you want financially, even if it means credit card debt. In reality, money is a tool. Our attitudes concerning money influence whether or not we use it in the best way possible.

Letting Fear Rule

To that end, if you tend to ignore financial issues or experience anxiety when managing resources, fear may dominate your relationship with money. In reality, we often fear what we value the most. Ask yourself what you truly fear about managing money, and replace those negative thoughts with positive ones. Do you fear bankruptcy, not making ends meet, losing your home, or something else? It’s natural to have these thoughts, but it’s harmful to let them dominate your thought life to the point that you are paralyzed and can’t take positive action to help prevent any of these scenarios.


Once you’ve navigated your way through a myriad of disorganized thoughts about money, take some physical steps to actually organize your own finances. There are plenty of resources out there to help get you going. Superior Debt Relief Services has over 10 years of experience helping consumers get out of debt, and back on their feet financially. SDS not only helps consumers reduce credit card debt, but also aims to empower consumers to establish healthy financial habits.

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