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Superior Debt Relief Article Archive

An archive of articles with useful information about loans, debt, and other financially related topics.

Top 7 worst credit card mistakes - Credit card debt—the majority of unsecured debt in the U.S.—is the number one reason consumers sign up for a debt relief program. Offered cards without any education on how to use them, many consumers get in over their head before you can say “credit or debit?”

The CFPB and what it means to consumers - The need for increased consumer protection became apparent after the 2008 financial crisis, caused by subprime lenders giving millions of home loans to high-risk and unverified borrowers. The lending practices, unchecked and ignored by federal regulators, led to billions of dollars in bank bailouts, millions of foreclosures and a financial crisis that we’re still dealing with today.”

Don’t Become a Financial Couch Potato: Get Organized - You know that feeling when you bike or drive down a steep hill? The sensation of your stomach doing a flip-flop? For those who hate to organize their finances as much as cats hate water, getting started may come with that stomach flip-flop feeling. Like you’re driving down a hill way too fast, with little control.

How to have Debt Settlement Success - A debt settlement client gets out of their debt program what they put in. Joining a debt relief company as a means to relinquish all responsibility and control of your debts is not only ineffective, but can leave consumers in a worse place than when they started.”

Debt Settlement: A New Era of Consumer Advocacy - What is a very helpful and necessary tool of consumer advocacy has long held a poor reputation due to the fault of a few ‘bad apples,’ so to speak. Prior to October 27th, 2010, many debt settlement companies employed the practice of charging consumers service fees before actually settling any of their accounts.

Fall does not Mean Drop: the Debt Settlement Industry at a Crossroads - As of October 27th, 2010, a new FTC rule banning debt settlement companies from accepting upfront fees ushers in not only a fresh start for consumers seeking debt relief, but also new opportunities in consumer advocacy for what remains of the debt settlement industry.

College Students: Binge Debtors? - Many college students imagine how they will feel when they walk out of their final exam, prepared to snag that diploma and breathe a sigh of relief. Oh, and maybe finally get some sleep. However, for many students this hope quickly turns to despair when faced with mounting debts they cannot afford.

Attorney-Based Debt Settlement: Walking off a financial cliff - Contrary to the spirit of new regulation, the attorney based debt settlement model allows debt settlers to continue charging upfront fees, negating the purpose of the FTC ruling.

The FTC takes on a 'wild west': Consumers need reliable debt relief options - The myth of the old American Wild West conjures images of crooked cowboys and outright lawlessness. This ‘lawless’ mentality captures a stigma surrounding the debt settlement industry, a mess the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) aims to clean up with recent rules.

Factors that Influence Credit Score - A credit score or credit bureau risk score is based on information drawn from your credit report. About 30 individual factors are used to determine the score.

Living Within Your Budget - Some useful tips about how you can live within that budget comfortably.

Debt Collection Done From India Appeals to U.S. Agencies - In a glass tower on the outskirts of New Delhi, dozens of young Indians are on the telephone, calling Americas out of work, forgetful and debt-stricken and asking for cash.

What Type of Loan (is best for me)? - Lending has become a very profitable business, as evidenced by the proliferation of lending institutions as well as the emergence of different types of loans being offered, all to entice consumers and businesses to borrow money.

What can a person do when their debt becomes unmanageable? - Unless you are the US government, simply going deeper into debt is not an option.

Bankruptcy Options - Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 - There are two primary types of bankruptcy, chapter 7 and chapter 13. Which one you are eligible to file for depends on certain criteria.


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