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Debt Negotiation: A Ray of Hope

Credit Card Debt.
Owing a lot of credit card debt is often like being in a pitch-black room; it’s often difficult enough to find the light switch, let alone actually find the door to get out. However, once the light is turned on, you simply have to open the door and walk out. Superior Debt Services would like to help you find the way out of the darkness, a.k.a bankruptcy, outrageous interest and fees, low credit ratings, poor spending habits overall and constant disappointment.

If you are considering bankruptcy, take some time to consider settlement/negotiation instead. Settlement can help consumers who are in over their heads due to job loss, health problems, and even overspending. The bottom line is that by making only minimum payments on interest month after month, many consumers are not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Rather, their income evaporates as fast as their frustration grows.

Programs Allow You To Reach a Structured Payment Plan For Living Debt-Free

Perfectly legal, logical, and ethical, debt settlement offers an incentive to both you and to your creditors. If you are on the verge of bankruptcy, your creditors will often prefer settling to recovering zero money altogether. At the same time, you end up paying less money and you ethically eliminate your debts. Rather than wasting money on high interest rates over a long period of time and never actually reducing your balance, let Superior Debt Services help you correct this exasperating situation. A settlement program can actually work for you in as little as 3 years or less. Compare that to the average 30 years it takes to pay off $10,000 or more while making just the minimum payment.

Why is Superior Debt a ‘light’ in the Debt Settlement Industry?
Recently, the Federal Trade Commission issued a regulation banning settlement companies from collecting upfront fees. This regulation is in effect as of October 27th, 2010, yet Superior Debt Services has offered services without upfront fees long before such regulation. We offer you real results before we pay ourselves. For more than 10 years, we’ve set a precedent in the settlement industry. Not only have we lobbied in the House and Senate of various states to fight for your rights, but we’ve also been involved in passing legislation to regulate the Debt Settlement and Consumer Credit Counseling industries. We actually help you achieve relief.

Debt negotiation isn’t perfect, but it can offer results. If you are motivated to better your overall financial situation, Superior Debt Services is ready to fight for you in this challenging process. You need to be aware that you must participate in this process, be prepared for your FICO scores to suffer initially, and be willing to commit to a more fiscally responsible lifestyle. Our Member Service Representatives offer quality expertise and service that is second to none. We encourage you to research our recommendations and praise across the internet- you will find that our dedication to your best interest is what makes us a leader in the debt reduction industry.

Superior Debt Relief is a Debt Relief agency. Our Debt Settlement Company works on your behalf to secure debt-free living with a number of services, including: Credit Card Debt Relief, Debt Consolidation Program, Debt Negotiation, Debt Management Benefits and Consumer Credit Counseling Service.

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