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checking net worth

What Do You Really Know About Your Net Worth?

Getting, staying and living debt free can be an enigma for most. But have you ever really asked yourself, “what is my net worth?” It’s an important question to consider, especially when you’re looking for ways to pay off lingering debts and obligations. Detailed below is a basic structure for you to …

Credit Score

Does Your Credit Report Still Have Old Debt on it?

Everybody makes mistakes in their life – especially financial mistakes. Unfortunately, financial mistakes can end up leaving a poor mark on your credit history, which can sometimes make it more difficult for you to obtain financing. However, your financial mistakes won’t permanently stain your credit history. After a certain amount …

Super Save

5 Little Ways to Achieve Big Savings

If you find saving up money to be challenging, you’re not alone. Many people struggle to start accumulating money in their savings account. Usually, the obstacles lie in the small, everyday habits that you’ve developed that prevent you from increasing your savings account balance. The following are five useful tips …