20 Reasons to be Thankful

NovNewslettter2016Friends. No relationship is perfect, and there is always room to deepen and strengthen, but stop being critical for a moment and be thankful for those people that you can share a meal, a laugh, a thought, or a movie with.

Nature. Whether like us, you live in the Rocky Mountain majesty, near an ocean, lake or river, an expansive desert, lush forest, or under a huge open sky, we all have access to the outdoors and the rich background they offer. Step outside, look around, and breathe in that free fresh air.

Education. We don’t want to start an argument about the American education system or state of higher ed. Mostly, we just want you to consider that where we live, everyone has access to some form of free education, and the right and ability to expand your mind. Take advantage of the resources we have and remember that there are many people who would do anything for the opportunity to go to school.

A place to sleep. Ahh, sleep, what a gift! If you’re reading this, chances are you have somewhere to sleep, even if it’s on a friend’s couch. Think of how wonderful it is to drift off and let your mind finally rest after a long day.

Clean water. Thanks to our modern infrastructure, thirst is not something we have to think about. We can simply turn on the faucet and drink, worry free. Why not have a glass right now?

Art. Since the beginning of our existence, humans have been creating and enjoying art. Statues, paintings, graffiti, pottery, design – art is all around us. If you’re having trouble seeing it, check out your city’s art museum on one of the free or discounted days and take a few hours to remind yourself of beauty.

Your body. Yes, we’re all in different shape and states of health, but if you’re reading this, you have a body, a heart that beats to keep you alive, blood pulsing through your veins and air filling your lungs without you having to think about it.

Food. Isn’t it awesome that three times a day we get to treat ourselves and our taste buds and experience the joy of eating? Celebrate how wonderful this is this Thanksgiving!

Indoor toilets. If you have used an outhouse, you know what we mean! Waking up today. This might sound morbid, but there are some that didn’t.

Wisdom. We’ve all got some of it, and hopefully we’re getting more each day. Be thankful you don’t have to make the same mistakes today you did yesterday.

Superior. We’re here to help you and we mean that. Our priority is your success in the program, and long-term financial freedom.

We’re thankful you found us, and we hope you are, too.

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