The Best Way to Make the Most of Your Finances this Fall

OctNewsletter2016Fall is a great time to start saving. It’s after
summer vacations and before holiday spending –
the perfect time to give your wallet a well-needed
rest. But the saving won’t just happen to you. Managing your finances takes intentionality and creativity to think outside the wallet.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Prosperity is the fruit
of labor. It begins with saving money.” Here at
Superior, we couldn’t agree more. We want you to
reap the full harvest of your efforts this season, so we’ve collected tested and true actions you can take now to keep your credit score (and spirit) from falling with the leaves.

Make bulk soups and stews. This season, your crock pot is your new best friend. Use it to make large quantities of soups and stews and freeze your leftovers. You’ll take care of tonight’s dinner and the temptation to order out next week all in one pot.

Holiday prep. Utilize the downtime before the holidays to start a list and budget for gifts. This will give you more time and space to make less emotional and/or pressured decisions during the peak shopping weeks.

Put out email alerts for deals on what you’re looking for and refuse to pay full price for anything!

Kick it old school. Buy used football apparel (check your local thrift store for your team) rather than buy new jerseys, make your own fan t-shirts (Remember puff paint? They still make it!) and host a potluck during games instead of going out to the bars or a restaurant. You’ll save a ton of money without losing any team spirit.

Winterize your home. Don’t let this Indian summer fool you – winter is just around the corner, and they say it’s coming with a vengeance. A properly winterized home will save you big on energy costs this winter.

Don’t wait until the first freeze to make any roof repairs, insulation checks, or furnace filter replacements. Trust us, these tasks only get harder when everything is covered with three-feet of snow.

Halloween costume swap. Nothing says waste of money like a once-worn store bought Halloween costume. Forget the costume store this year and have a costume swap with your friends – including the kiddos! Unless you’re a celebrity, no one is going to be voting on “Who wore it better.”

PSA about PSLs. This is a public service announcement: Pumpkin Spice Lattes will cost you as much as a meal and give you about as many calories. Not cool. Limit your consumption of these holiday drinks and/or purchase the flavored syrup and creamer to make your own version at home. Save your money and calories for Christmas!

Quit the gym. After that talk about calories, this sounds counter-intuitive, but listen up: we’re not saying don’t workout (not at all!), but there are cheaper and more convenient ways to sweat than on someone else’s treadmill. The holidays are the time of year when gym memberships get used the least. That’s just the reality – we’re all too busy or the weather is too bad to make it to the gym on a regular basis. Rather than fork over $50 or more a month, invest in a few weights for your home and explore YouTube’s fitness channels, or a free home workout app like Nike’s Training Club. Get a few friends and do it together – you might find you don’t need the membership after all.

Your finances will thank you for it!

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