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August 2015


Realizing What Type of Investor You Are

In every investor’s life, a day comes when they must decide what level of risk their budget can tolerate. This decision, to a large extent, will ultimately determine what type of investor they are. Here is a quick rundown on what you need to know to understand this rationalization at the …


Budgeting Advice for the Single Crowd

With apologies to G.B. Shaw, it is no secret that youth is wasted on the young. Still, there are amazing opportunities available to those singles in their 20s who pay attention. Here is just a little budgeting advice to help you get started on the road of life with a …

credit card

How to Avoid Unscrupulous Debt Settlement Companies

Not all debt settlement companies are created equal. Because of unscrupulous business practices of some companies within our industry, we strongly recommend our clients do their homework carefully before signing up for any debt settlement plan. After all, your finances are on the line, and you need to be confident that your …

interest rates

How to Lower Interest Rates on Credit Cards

Many people have issues trying to get their credit card debt under control. Unfortunately, high interest rates often make this an even bigger challenge. The interest on your debts can cause your debt to continue to balloon, causing you to pay way more money than you actually spent using your cards. …

checking net worth

What Do You Really Know About Your Net Worth?

Getting, staying and living debt free can be an enigma for most. But have you ever really asked yourself, “what is my net worth?” It’s an important question to consider, especially when you’re looking for ways to pay off lingering debts and obligations. Detailed below is a basic structure for you to …

Credit Score

Does Your Credit Report Still Have Old Debt on it?

Everybody makes mistakes in their life – especially financial mistakes. Unfortunately, financial mistakes can end up leaving a poor mark on your credit history, which can sometimes make it more difficult for you to obtain financing. However, your financial mistakes won’t permanently stain your credit history. After a certain amount …