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July 2015

divorce cost

Can Your Divorce Make You Go Broke?

Undoubtedly, a divorce is an emotionally upsetting event. Still, it is important to take a reasoned look at the financial aspects of a divorce or it will be worse for one, the other – or both! – of the parties involved. Here are a few suggestions that will help you …

game night

Ways to Save Cash on Children’s Entertainment

Children love to be constantly entertained, but any parent will tell you that this desire can lead to a serious financial drain on the household unless some restraint is shown. Here are a few suggestions on how to keep the kids happy while still keeping a hold of your hard-earned cash: …

children with debt

Should You Help Your Child with their Debt?

Whether your children are at home and still in school or are adults living on their own, when they are facing difficulties, you’ve got their back. However, when they have gotten themselves in trouble because they overspend, under-budget, or don’t understand how to manage debt, you may wonder how much …

Super Save

5 Little Ways to Achieve Big Savings

If you find saving up money to be challenging, you’re not alone. Many people struggle to start accumulating money in their savings account. Usually, the obstacles lie in the small, everyday habits that you’ve developed that prevent you from increasing your savings account balance. The following are five useful tips …