Client of the Month: Amanda

Amanda from Virginia is one smart cookie with an eye on her future. When she’s not busy whipping creme brulee’s up in a cup at culinary school, she’s busy whipping her credit and finances into shape. It wasn’t always that way, and Amanda’s journey to financial stability has been a bit of a rocky road.



For just over four years, she worked three jobs trying to make ends meet. Over that time period, her bills piled up and her credit card accounts grew beyond her control. Realizing she needed help and that she wanted to change the course of her life, she did two things: First, she enrolled in culinary school so that she could use her love of cooking to reach for her financial goals. Second, she reached out to Superior Debt Relief Services to help her cool off her red hot credit cards.

The combination has changed her life. She now pays her bills in cash and has learned to live within her means without sacrificing the lifestyle she’s come to enjoy. Indeed, every day she puts on her chef coat and toque, she’s looking ahead to the future and discovering just how nice it is to make a trip to the mailbox without fearing what might be lurking inside.

At Superior Debt Relief, the following five debt relief solutions have been the ingredients Amanda has utilized to get her finances back on course. Of all the tips and suggestions we’ve provided to her, each of these are worth their weight in the world’s finest spices:

  • Ascertain the exact amount of money owed and the interest rates that are being paid on everything from credit cards to mortgage debt.
  • Develop a plan to tackle each debt in the right order so that interest paid is at an absolute minimum and credit is repaired faster.
  • Set goals and milestones along the way. This makes staying the course and achieving financial objectives easier and less stressful.
  • Adopt good financial habits. Learning to budget, track expenses, and save are the best ways to eliminate bad financial habits and avoid debt problems in the future.

Superior Debt Relief Services would be happy to help you find the right mix of debt relief solutions for your needs. We encourage you to contact us at 866-896-7616 with your questions and to learn more about the services that will benefit you the most.

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