Superior Debt Client of the Month: Laurie of Liverpool, NY

At Superior Debt Relief Services, we’re aware that debt problems can arise for any number of reasons. From unforeseen illnesses and accidents to divorce, it’s not always possible to see some of these causes on the horizon. As a matter of fact, many of our clients had good credit and solid financial habits before life’s unexpected events derailed their finances.

tower of coins One such example is Laurie from Liverpool, N.Y. A mother of three and a grandmother to two more, she filled her free time with family activities. Everything was going well until divorce reared its ugly head and left her with massive debts and a considerably diminished income. Coupled with family emergencies and life’s other unexpected events, these events left her struggling to pay her bills at the end of every month.

After her divorce, Laurie had nine active accounts and was struggling to make minimum monthly payments. That’s why she contacted Superior Debt Relief Services. We were able to help her whittle those debts away, so that today, Laurie only has one account left to settle.

She was able to accomplish this in part because our counselors were able to help bridge the gap between Laurie and her creditors. Coupled with credit counseling, financial education and the adoption of dedicated money management skills, Laurie has regained her financial independence. This was Laurie’s goal – and our goal – and together we were able to take the necessary steps to achieve it. In the end, Laurie rebuilt her financial foundation and began a new life free of debt.

You can read more about Laurie in our monthly newsletter. We produce this newsletter for our clients as a way for them to take a moment and relax, while picking up some tips along the way. We encourage you to sign up for the newsletter as we continue to fill it with tips and suggestions that can help you manage your personal finances.

We invite you to contact Superior Debt Relief Services for more information about the services we offer and how we can help you manage your debts down to size. We know how difficult it can be and that’s why we’ll be glad to stand beside you every step of the way until your debts are nothing but a distant memory.

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