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September 2014

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Basic Financial Advice for Your College Freshman

From student loans to credit card offers, college students are bombarded with “free” money at every turn. For many students experiencing freedom for the first time, these offers and deals are simply too good to pass up. Unfortunately, many of these “great deals” are traps that lead students down the …


Forming a Plan to Get Out of Debt

We don’t normally plan to bury ourselves in debt. However, this can happen quickly, so forming a plan is the only way to lighten such a heavy burden. Initially, it’s important to understand why you want to clear your debt. This way, you can develop an appropriate plan to meet your goals. Three of …


Financial Advice for Military Families

For generations, men and women have put on the uniform of our nation’s armed forces to protect our freedom and way of life. While noble, Uncle Sam isn’t known for paying well. This is why military families should take proactive steps to keep their finances from steering off course. The following are some …

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5 Ways to Save Money Around the Home

One of the most effective debt relief solutions you can employ is cutting your expenses. This doesn’t mean you have to make drastic changes to your lifestyle. For most people, it simply means making smarter use of their financial resources. Here are five easy practices that will cut your expenses without crimping your …

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Finding a Legitimate Credit Counseling Company

There is no shortage of credit counseling companies to select from. Unfortunately, many businesses that enter the debt relief assistance industry do so for the wrong reasons. Some are inexperienced, some are scams and some simply care only about their bottom line. That is why it’s imperative you do your homework …