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July 2014


Designing a Household Budget That Works for You

The key to keeping your financial future on track is to build a household budget that you can use as a guide each and every month. It’s a tool that should include everything from existing debts to retirement contributions. Without question, devising a budget is the most effective form of debt …

credit card

Avoid these Common Mistakes with Credit Cards

Credit and charge cards are easy to obtain these days, and for many, it’s easy to use them while forgetting that each charge represents a debt that must be paid back. As of this year, credit card debt in America topped an average of $15,000 per household. Whether you’re opening your …


What is a Debt Management Plan?

At Superior Debt Relief, it’s our goal to help our clients manage their debts and stabilize their financial foundations. One of the tools we use to accomplish this is a Debt Management Plan, or DMP. To that end, our debt counseling services and our agents work with our clients to …